Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity (REMCAP)


The Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity (REMCAP) project, aims to capitalise on the opportunities that arise from increasing commercial demand across marine industries. The project is focused on expanding the capacity for innovation and growth across the key markets of offshore wind; ocean energy; fishing; aquaculture; blue biotech; aggregates and dredging and sea bed mining but an inclusive value-chain perspective is applied.

REMCAP is a collaborative project with a total of 14 partner organisations from six European Regional Research Driven Clusters (RRDC). Each cluster includes actors from the business/commercial sector; the academic/research community; and public authorities who work together within defined geographical areas in England, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden.

The main objective of REMCAP is to develop the clusters' ability to promote innovation and enable sustainable growth within - and beyond - the project's cluster areas. REMCAP, which operates over a three year period from 2013 - 2015 builds on an earlier Regions of Knowledge project, EMSAC (European Marine Science Applications Consortium) which made significant progress in understanding how RRDCs can stimulate maritime resource capacity to supply growing marine markets.

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REMCAP is a Coordination Project funded by the
Research DG of the European Commission within
the Regions of Knowledge programme of FP7