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REMCAP brings together six Regional Research Driven Clusters (RRDCs) of expertise to develop research and innovation capacity in order to achieve the maximum impact on regional innovation policy, business investment and economic development. Click here for a map of REMCAP Clusters

To ensure that REMCAP is optimally positioned to meet its goal, REMCAP RRDC's work through a 'triple helix' structure bringing together actors from:

  • Business/industry who invest in innovation, creating employment;
  • Academic/research community who develop knowledge & technology to drive innovation; and
  • Public authorities that provide business-critical infrastructure and play a key role in the development of policies impacting on regional, national and international maritime policy.

Through this integrated approach to knowledge exchange, researchers, policy makers and the business community have the opportunity to work closely with each other to identify and capitalise on existing and future research and innovation opportunities.

REMCAP is based on the principle that regional clusters can enable innovation that would not happen with firms acting on their own and that the more effective organization of clusters will enable further innovation:

  • The markets for maritime resource efficiency will require a wide range of technical and commercial expertise. The REMCAP consortium will draw upon expertise across all the participating clusters, to develop cross-border innovation capacity.
  • Each cluster adopts different approaches to stimulating investment by its cluster members, depending on its structure, governance and political context. The consortium approach will allow clusters to share their strengths and successes, and to learn from each other.
  • The innovation capacity generated by the REMCAP consortium will support implementation of future research and innovation programmes, and reinforce the specialist capabilities of each cluster region.

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REMCAP is a Coordination Project funded by the
Research DG of the European Commission within
the Regions of Knowledge programme of FP7